Benefits of a Buyer's Agent


So you have decided to buy a property and it's time to take it to the next step, should you call an agent to assist with the process?

If you find yourself asking that question you are among the many home buyers starting out on this critical path towards ownership! Here are some of the advantages a buyer's agent will provide:

- Assists each step of the way in the search for your new home i.e. set up bookings, feedback to listing agents, send along new houses to the market, etc.

- Licensed agents will be able to help identify issues with structure, land, soil conditions, lead paint, and/or improvements that will need to be addressed prior to purchasing. agent

- The burden is on the buyer to discover mold and other contaminents. Having a real estate agent reviewing properties can only benefit.

- A buyer’s agent has a fiduciary duty to honor the best interests of the buyer and as such will recommend independent home inspectors within the allowed time frame to fully report on a home’s condition and problems that may arise. 

- Your agent will facilitate the negotiation and closing process saving you as the buyer time, stress, and a lot of paperwork. Buyers can save significant money from having a third party negotiating who is not emotionally involved.

- A buyer's agent will provide advice along the way and during the closing process including what type of title you should receive, benefits of title insurance, warranties, etc.

With these and so many other things to consider it only makes sense to aid and protect yourself by enlisting a buyer's agent today!